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    ECT Teaser n°3 : lip dub or flash mob ?

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    Students in the business school of Tahiti (French Polynesia) had 48 hours to write, design, produce and distribute a media project on RFO Polynesia and TNTV: a lip dub, a corporate video, a clip or a flash mob? Follow this venture and look behind the scenes of the project before its release cross media! J-2 (Pre Production): definition of the concept, choice of music, pre-filming locations identifying, counting and writing the screenplay, casting, decoration and accessories, pre rehearsals, etc.. J-1 (production): check the actors and props, rehearsals, filming, Logging and digitizing mages. J post production of audio-visual project, the concept elements of communication and cross media dissemination, preparation of the evening broadcast partners (18h), broadcast on RFO Polynesia (19h) and TNTV (19h30) ...