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    Suicide Bombers Target Police Residences in Pakistan


    by NTDTelevision

    Pakistan's town of Kohat is tense after a powerful car bomb reduces a police residential complex to rubble, killing 20. The death toll is expected to rise.

    The living quarters of Kohat Police Lines are in shambles today, a day after a car bomb targeted the police residences in the town of Kohat, killing 20 people.

    The blast came hours after the Taliban threatened more suicide attacks on the government. It comes at a time when security forces are already overwhelmed by the worst floods in Pakistan's history.

    "We were halfway through our prayers when we heard the blast. We rushed to the police lines. Children were trapped under the rubble. We took them out and took them to the hospital. Only Allah knows what we went through at that time."

    Many houses collapsed in the blast, burying families in the rubble.

    The bomber drove his car laden with over 600 pounds of explosives into the gates of the complex, bringing down several houses and damaging nearby buildings.

    Eight-year-old Sabeel says he and a friend walked past the car minutes before it exploded.

    "A white car came. A man was sitting inside it. He started fiddling with some wires. We walked on and, after one minute, when we turned the corner we heard the blast. He had a small beard."

    Islamist militants have killed nearly 120 people in suicide bombings after a one-month lull during Pakistan's floods.