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    New Zealand Quake Emergency Remains


    by NTDTelevision

    New Zealand officials have extended the state of emergency in Christchurch after last weekend's earthquake. More than 300 people are without a place to live and many people in rural areas still have no electricity.

    Days after a disastrous earthquake in New Zealand, officials extend a state of emergency for another week.

    Emergency teams are busy rebuilding the city of Christchurch that was hit by the 7.1 magnitude quake.

    Bob Parker, the city's mayor, said Wednesday it would be days before the city is back to normal.

    "I've declared a local state of emergency in the city. We did that just a few hours after the initial earthquake. It was due for review today. We've reviewed that carefully and we've decided to extend it for another week."

    Saturday's earthquake crumbled buildings and tore apart roads leaving more than 300 people without a place to live.

    Although power has been restored to 90 per cent of the city, officials say some 500 people in rural areas are still without electricity.

    There have been about 135 aftershocks so far. No casualties have been reported.