Tony Abbott Disappointed About Losing Election


by NTDTelevision

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Australian opposition leader Tony Abbott was very close to winning the federal election. And people in Australia have mixed feelings about the results.

Coalition leader Tony Abbott lost the bid for prime minister in Australia on Tuesday, after the final two independent MP's threw their support behind Julia Gillard.

[Tony Abbott, Opposition Leader]:
"Obviously, I'm disappointed about that but that's our system and I certainly am not going to let my disappointment at the result blind me to the great strengths of our system which I will always respect. I congratulate Prime Minster Gillard for being restored to office."

On the streets of Sydney, residents had mixed feelings of the results.

[Unidentified Sydney Resident]: no title bar
"I think it has been a great waste for the last couple of weeks while the country has been in indecision and I don't know whether it is the best decision, maybe we would have been better served if we had another vote.”

[Peter Birch, Sydney Resident]:
"I think possibly there could be some good come out of it, some reforms in the system that you know hopefully make some democratic process so providing people don't block supply in the next three years, it could be a good thing working together in a much more bi-partisan way basically."

Earlier in the day, independent MP Bob Katter said he'd support Abbott's opposition.

But the two tie-breaking independents, Robert Oakeshott and Tony Windsor announced they would support Julia Gillard's Labor.

Both Oakeshott and Windsor made certain to clarify, today's votes don't guarantee support for Labor's policies.

Before Gillard is sworn into office, the Australian Electoral commission needs to finalize the results.

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