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    Australian Election Decided, Gillard has the Numbers


    by NTDTelevision

    Australia's agonizing wait for a new government is over. Independent Members of Parliament have announced their support for Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who will hold the post for the next four years.

    After waiting more than two weeks, an election decision emerged Tuesday: Incumbent Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Labor party will remain in charge of the government in Australia.

    [Julia Gillard, Australian Prime Minister]:
    "Labor is prepared to deliver stable, effective and secure government for the next three years. Ours will be a government with just one purpose and that's to serve the Australian people."

    In a news conference Tuesday, the undecided independents, Tony Windsor and Robert Oakeshott, threw their support behind Labor.

    Both were cautious and conditional in explaining their decisions.

    [Robert Oakeshott, Independent MP]:
    "Today I'll do what I've always done, ironically, and give confidence and supply to government, and in effect that means confidence and supply to Julia Gillard, unless, and I stress unless, exceptional circumstances determine otherwise."

    [Tony Windsor, Independent MP]:
    "This is about using the political system to advantage the people we represent and those people in regional Australia, so I just repeat again, and I do conclude, my vote will be going to the Gillard government."

    The August 21 election had been undecided as neither Labor's Gillard, nor the opposition Coalition's Tony Abbott, had enough votes to hold a majority.

    The MPs' decisions gave Gillard one more vote than Abbott, bringing the total to 75 for Labor and 74 for the Coalition.

    Earlier in the day, independent MP Bob Katter said he would support Abbott, although that wasn't enough to tip the balance to the Coalition.

    Before the Gillard government can officially take office, the Australian Electoral Commission will need to finalize the election results.