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    Connecting with Nature in Tehran


    by NTDTelevision

    Now we go to Iran to a quiet part of the city of Tehran— the Stone Garden of Jamshidieh. It’s a place where people can connect with nature for a while. Here’s more from our correspondents.

    People in Iran’s capital of Tehran, who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, can go to the Stone Garden of Jamshidieh. It’s in the northern part of the city—a quiet place in the heart of the mountains.

    Jamshidieh is known as one of the most beautiful and unique parks of Tehran. An engineer, Jamshid Davallou Ghajar donated it to the wife of King Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Queen Farah. She later had a promenade built in the park for public use.

    The park is on a slope with various paths designed to reach different sights—statues, an amphitheater, a lake, stone waterfalls and steep places.

    Jamshidieh is located at the foot of the Kolak Chal Mountain and climbers walk through the park at the start of their journey.

    Visitors can feel a deep connection with nature while walking on the cobblestones.

    The park is also unique for its various cultural spaces related to the different ethnicities of Iran. There’s the Azarbaijan House, Kordestan House, Torkaman House and the Zagros House. People here can have local food and listen to a variety of ethnic music.

    Nature lovers can enjoy the wide diversity of plants and beautiful rare birds in the Garden of Jamshidieh, and have a few moments to forget about modern urban life.

    NTD News, Tehran