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    Pakistani Twins Born in Flood Relief Camp


    by NTDTelevision

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    And a little good news in Pakistan, where the birth of healthy twins brings joy to a flood relief camp. Here's that story.

    A Pakistani flood victim gives birth to twins at a refugee camp after fleeing with her husband, her five other children, and various relatives.

    Zainab Bibi was in the last stages of her pregnancy when floods stuck Karampur in Pakistan's Sindh province nearly a month ago.

    Zainab Bibi, Mother of Twins Born in Flood Relief Camp]:
    "When the floods came we fled on foot. We travelled for five days; I traveled with a pregnant belly. We got no transportation. Then we arrived here, and the IBA (Institute of Business Administration) people helped us. I delivered a boy and a girl, which made us very happy."

    An uncle of the now 3-weeks old twins praised the welcome and attention his family is receiving from the Institute of Business Administration, or IBA camp.

    [Shaban Lashari, Uncle of Twins]:
    "These two children were born when we arrived here. The IBA (Institute Of Business Administration) people helped us. They took us to the hospital, and bore all the medical expenses. The IBA people came there and announced that when these children are four years old they will start bearing their education expenses until they grow up."

    The family's five older children are among millions of impoverished Pakistani children who have never been to school.

    Bibi says she hopes her so called; "camp babies" will grow up to become an engineer and a doctor.

    Several million people are surviving in both government run and privately funded relief camps, and the World Health Organization estimates that over half a million flood-affected women in the county will give birth in the coming 6 months.

    In Sindh province alone, it is estimated that nearly seven million people have been affected by the floods.