Chinese Officials Hid Tainted Cooking Oil Recall

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There was a massive recall of tainted cooking oil in China’s central Hunan province in March. But the facts just came out over the weekend. Apparently Chinese officials have been doing their best to hide the recall, from the public. Here’s that story.

Health officials in China’s Hunan province issued a recall in March and April for more than 40 tons of tainted cooking oil made by Hunan Jinhao Camellia Oil Company Ltd. It was found to contain high amounts of benzoapyrene, a known carcinogen.

The manufacturer and Hunan officials are only now publicly admitting to the recall of the tainted oil and the health problems it causes. In the past, they had publicly denied anything was wrong.

Camellia cooking oil is very popular in China, and the company has admitted it “did not inform the public about the substandard products in time.”

State-run newspaper, China Daily reported that Hunan officials tried to keep the recall a secret in order to “maintain social stability.”

Apparently intense concern about the issue on the Internet pressured the manufacturer and the Hunan officials to notify the public.

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