Week in 60 - Global Warming

Rohan Salmond

by Rohan Salmond

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I'm finally up-to-date with my Wi60 uploads! From now on all Wi60 videos will be uploaded on Monday (or Sunday, for those of you in the Western Hemisphere). It will be good to upload these on time for a change! The last Wi60 video seems to have been unintentionally controversial. Please remember that these videos are made primarily for the people who go to my church. When I say "us" or "we" I'm referring to 12:two and/or the wider Church, not to my viewership-at-large. Sometimes I'll refer to my faith and how it affects my worldview; it's a huge part of who I am and it would be massively dishonest of me to do otherwise. Having said that, I'm never going to make this channel into a "Christian channel" and I endeavour to make my videos accessible to everyone regardless of their religious or political persuasion. I hope you enjoy this video! I'm hoping to get a real Poultry Press video up very soon. Bring on the chickens! Main church website here: http://newlifeuniting.com The young adult community these videos are shown at (called 12:two) is here: http://www.12two.com The music during the 'Week in 60' intro is taken from the song 'Delete You' by ALL CAPS. Find them at: http://allcapsband.com