Comforting the Nurse Shark

Karl Callwood

by Karl Callwood

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Checking in on a nurse shark injured by a fishing hook that is spending its recovery time in a ship wreck.


@michailiuk: That is an intriguing hypothesis you present. Do you have any facts to back up your premise that most shark attacks are by nurse sharks? I certainly cannot find any data to back that up nor has it proven out in my thousands of dives with sharks. I would also like to know how you would propose rehabilitating an injured shark without touching it. We do have a local program for rehabilitating and breeding sharks for introduction to the oceans. With proper training and experience, they can be handled quite safely.

Touching of any marine life while underwater is not recommended as it is typically neither safe for the marine life or the molesting human being. When I see an animal in distress, I always assess the situation first and then render what aid I can.
By Karl Callwood 4 years ago
most shark attacks are nurse sharks when divers touch them so aaaah yea not very professional or smart to do they may to very calm animals but yea they do bite some what bad
By michailiuk 4 years ago