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    NET 10 Wireless Cellphones!


    by doodlerguy



    The thing that stinks about cellphones is that the payments are never over. You get the phone, but then you have to pay to use it time and time again. So, it ends up adding up, and if you have a phone that costs the average 100 bucks, you end up spending 1200 bucks a year, which is ridiculous. But not me, I have Net10, and I only pay 50 bucks a month, which ends up being 600 bucks. Simple math but lots of weight behind it.
    By HIMYMstar5 years ago
    I was always under the impression that the preaid carriers all had bogus like throw away phones and that the service is junk but my buddy at work who is up on all this stuff told me to check out Net10 and that he's been using it for a while. Looks like everyone here likes the service and the website has some pretty sweet phones. My contract is up next week i think im going to give it a go
    By MakerMan805 years ago
    Net10 Unlimited is a great plan. I have been with net10 unlimited all year and have to say it is a great choice. Net10 Unlimited provides me with comfort knowing that I am getting the best deal on the market.
    By samshra5 years ago
    I'm so pleased to have found this Net 10 unlimited prepaid plan. I do work from home and make a lot of business calls and this plan is working out to about $50 cheaper for me than being on a contract. With all the unlimited talk/text/web/e-mail nationwide I can't believe the value for money I'm getting for only $50/month.
    By beaufulseagul5 years ago
    Now that I'm saving at least $65 a month having switched from a contract to Net 10 prepaid plan of $15 / month I can start having a bit of fun in my life for a change and treat myself once a month to a little luxury. I get 200 minutes for the month and I can make 1 or 2 short calls a day - I can live with that.
    By Chloe6 years ago