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    [ critics ] 2 Promo ~ Nothing's off Limits

    Zacuto Films

    by Zacuto Films

    In this promo of Season 2co-hosts Steve Weiss and Philip Bloom offer you a sneak peek of what's to come: more witty banter, longer film critiques and absolutely no holding back. Nothing's off limits.

    In [ critics ], film/video veterans, Steve Weiss, Director of FilmFellas & Critics, and Philip Bloom, a London based Cinematographer and Filmmaker, come together as dueling co-hosts to candidly critique web based video content. [ critics ] offering an eclectic mix of personalities, perspectives and laughter.
    Steve Weiss (Director; Zacuto, FilmFellas, Critics)
    Phillip Bloom (Independent DP and Director)
    Watch the entire series at