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Shanell & Nicki Minaj - Cupid's Got A Gun (New Song)

il y a 8 ans2.3K views

Shanell and Nicki Minaj Cupid’s Got a Gun: New Song – Nicki Minaj and her Young Money teammate Shanell have teamed up for a new song called “Cupid’s Got A Gun” produced by Chase N. Cashe.
The song is not as upbeat as their previous collaborations, but is very catchy and could become a hit. Minaj has seen her popularity increase in recent months with the success of a number of her singles. She recently appeared on Kanye West’s song “Monster,” and many fans have said that they felt that the newcomer outshined the likes of Kanye, Rick Ross and Jay-Z on the song.

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Shanell & Nicki Minaj - Cupid's Got A Gun (New Song)
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