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    Sub 2 Hour Marathon | An American Record?


    by somaxperformance

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    Just playing devils advocate here. Hope my arguments can get proved wrong.
    While the africans seem more eifficient, I feel the examples used in this video don't quite match up.

    in bounce, it seems that in the example of ryan hall, he is going much slower than his marathon pace. This wouldn't give an accurate example of bounce because people tend to bounce less the faster they go. Which brings me to the african example. He is going much faster than hall.

    When you talk about stride angle, Wanjiru would have to have a much larger stride angle to go the same speed as ryan hall, because wanjiru is 5'4" while hall is 5'10". If they were the same height Wanjiru would be covering 31% more ground with each stride.
    By Matumbo915 years ago