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    Jean-Marie Ardisson, ESSEC Corporate Education Director


    par ESSECBusinessSchool

    137 vues | Partnership - Corporate programs are developed in partnership with companies and future participants according to specific goals, such as the development of global visions, the strategic piloting of business units, change management or the implementation of a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

    Expertise - All of our customized programs are based upon ESSEC's expertise in marketing, finance or human resources as well as a deep understanding of certain sectors such as professional services, healthcare, food industry and real estate.

    Innovating pedagogy - Depending on the objectives, we offer benchmark conferences, realization of strategic company projects, a Blended Learning approach, the accompaniment of managers or classic teaching methods.

    Custom programs are offered in English or French, in Europe or Asia, on our campuses or in other locations to meet your needs.