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    Brit stars hit the red carpet for Tamara Drewe


    by ODN


    Brit favourites Dominic Cooper, Gemma Arterton and Lily Allen walked the red carpet for the Tamara Drewe premiere in Leicester Square.

    Lily Allen stole the limelight as she showcased her growing baby bump and signed autuographs for fans.

    The film, which follows Gemma Arterton's character Tamara Drewe as she returns to her childhood home, has gained notoriety for reasons other than the plot - it sees Gemma squeeze into a tiny pair of hotpants!

    The actress commented: "In the graphic novel that's what happens. She climbs over the stile in her hotpants and I didn't expect them to be as minute as they were, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes."

    Co star Luke Evans was happy to feature alongside Gemma adding, "It was one of those jobs that you don't want to finish. I saw her in hotpants. I saw her in less than hotpants."

    The film has been adapted by British director Stephen Frears from a weekly comic strip in The Guardian.