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    Joaquin Phoenix looking beardless at Venice


    by ODN


    Joaquin Phoenix has finally appeared in public without his beard, as the actor arrived at the Venice Festival for the unveiling of his new movie I'm Still Here.

    The actor, who is famed for his portrayal of country legend Johnny Cash in Walk the Line, appeared in good shape as he attended a screening of the documentary, which chronicles his personal life.

    Director Casey Affleck, himself a respected actor and brother-in-law to Phoenix, has been confronted with questions over the film's authenticity as to whether it gave a true insight into the troubled actor's life.

    Casey admitted it was hard to give an objective view.

    "I will admit that it's a subjective film. There are things that I left out that would have changed the story. There are things that I put in, that significantly altered the story and the way people feel about Joaquin. That's just how it is."

    I'm Still Here opens in cinemas on 17 September.