Simon Cowell bowing out of The X Factor?


by ODN


Speculation is rife Simon Cowell may not return for another series of The X Factor after he hinted he may not have time for both the British and the US versions of the show.

TV's Mr Nasty is launching the American edition in September next year, just when The X Factor in the UK is getting going.

There are reports the programme could go ahead without him or be moved to later in the year.

Meanwhile television bosses have resolved the scheduling row and the launch of Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday will finish before The X Factor starts.

Any programme juggling would impact another of the BBC's major Saturday night entertainment programmes, as Merlin returns for a third series this weekend.

Star Anthony Head thinks a bit of TV competition is healthy: "That's the way TV has always been, you put shows that are like each other against each other, it makes perfect sense."