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http://www.RudyGuides.com/article -- From time to time, we post tips and tricks about article directory. Covers article software related issues, news, research, and much more!

Sick and tired of spending hour after hour writing articles to promote your site?

Warning : If you're writing articles and promoting them to only a few article directories, or if you're publishing the same article to multiple directories, then you're throwing away THOUSANDS of dollars out of your pocket and into the garbage!

Discover the Ultimate Solution That Automatically Produces Up To 1000 Unique High Quality Articles In Less Than 5 Minutes!

This unique software not only saves you hundreds of dollars in freelance writing fees, but it also accelerates your article marketing campaigns, making it easy to produce HUNDREDS of non-duplicate, content-rich articles in 5 simple steps.

Duplicate content is a genuine web site destroyer!

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