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http://www.RudyGuides.com/muscle -- Don't bother browsing other site until you read our body building site. You'll see our bodybuilder site is the best!

The one thing you must do every day or you will never gain weight no matter what ... even if you have a perfect training routine!

The #1 reason getting enough sleep is so important ... and the optimal number of hours you need for maximum gains in minimum time.

The shocking truth about supplements and their effects on muscle growth

The fastest, safest, and most effective exercises to quickly get super buff and grow huge muscles

90% of supplements DO NOT WORK

90% of bodybuilding programs in the magazines DO NOT WORK (unless you’re taking drugs)

Weight Gain Supplements Will Make You Fat

The Insane Exercise Demonstrator has over 100 different exercise substitutes in case you have limited equipment or don't have fancy gym machines.

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