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    Fears Held for Filipinos in Hong Kong


    by NTDTelevision

    Hong Kong politicians have strongly condemned Philippine police and officials over the hostage deaths of eight Hong Kong citizens two weeks ago.

    Tens of thousands marched in Hong Kong Sunday to denounce what they call a bungled hostage rescue.

    Now there are concerns about revenge attacks on Filipino migrant workers in Hong Kong.

    Filipino workers unions in Hong Kong are already highlighting the issue.

    So far only two maids have been sacked by their employers angry at the Philippine police and government.

    But text messages to the South China Morning Post say revenge attacks have already taken place.

    However, Hong Kong's security chief dismisses the rumors.

    [Ambrose Lee, Security Chief, Hong Kong]:
    "Hong Kong people have shown restraint after the tragedy. We've expressed our feelings peacefully and rationally. We've shown our love and support to the victims and their families by rally, march, the Internet and prayers. As a member of (the) Hong Kong community, I feel really proud."

    Edna Mae Collado, a former domestic helper who came to Hong Kong a year ago, says she understands people's anger.

    [Edna Mae Collado, Former Domestic Helper]:
    "We cannot blame the Chinese people, because of what happened. And because of their angry, may be they can speak some not good words to us, just like that."

    The executive director of Bethune House, a resource for migrant workers, says there have been a small number of racist incidents.

    [Edwina Antonio, Director, Bethune House]:
    "Generally, I think the local community is still supportive of the Filipinos. I mean, there are a small number of incidents, these are not very rampant."

    About 130,000 Filipinos work as domestic helpers in Hong Kong.