Up to 100 buried by Guatemala landslide

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At least 40 people are missing in Guatemala after a massive landslide buried up to 100 rescuers.

The weekend death toll from slides and flooding caused by the rains has already reached 36 and the fire department said on Sunday that up to another 100 people may have been buried overnight by a second slide on a major highway outside the capital.

Fire department spokesman Sergio Vasquez said: "A wall of earth fell on a bus and around 100 local people organized themselves to dig out the victims. Then another landslide came along and buried them."

President Alvaro Colom said around 40 people had officially been reported missing and nearly 12,000 had been evacuated to emergency shelters. He said: "It's a national tragedy. It's painful that poor people are paying the price of natural disasters".

Emergency workers have already recovered the bodies of 18 victims at the site but warn it could take up to two days to dig out all the corpses.

The incident follows another landslide on Saturday that buried a bus, killing 12 people. Another six were killed on Saturday in separate incidents. Photographs of the bus wrecked on Saturday showed its roof crushed by a huge pile of earth and rock that almost completely covered the vehicle.