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    Deathproof Family Bloodline

    Deathproof Fight Club

    by Deathproof Fight Club

    A look at the Deathproof family and how our roster will do whatever it takes to impress and entertain a crowd so they keep coming back for more.

    ~ "Kung Fu Legend" Logan Savage
    ~ "300 pound Vanilla Gorilla" Steve Brown
    ~ "The Gym Rat" Alex York
    ~ Deathproof Diva pillow fight
    ~ Deathproof Diva bikini contest
    ~ Rip Impact
    ~ Warhed
    ~ "Violent" Jeff Black
    ~ "The King of KO's" Joey Kings
    ~ Mr.Melo
    ~ "8 Bit Luchador" Player Uno
    ~ HACKER Scotty O'Shea
    ~ Johnny Wave (Deathproof's little brother)
    ~ Jodi DiMilo
    ~ Justin Sane
    ~ "The New FUCKING Violence" Jesse Amato

    Music is 'A New Reign' by Sin of Silence