EURYDICE or "You shall not die""

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A tunnel of 13m50 of length, melted in a natural space, suggests to the visitor living the journey of Orpheus. Welcomed in the entrance of this curious corridor, a strange woman (Eurydice, is she?) invites him to relieve of his shoes for his long crossing in search of Eurydice… Each of 9 successive interactive universes proposes a dive in the heart of his intimate feelings in an immersive universe where the surrounded sounds, the lights, the images which sculpture in the twilight, are alternately going to convene our fears either our peace of mind. Invitation to lower in the depths of ourself, to pursue the road in the darkness or towards the light until the spectral appearance of Eurydice. Is it necessary to advance or to give up? At the end of the tunnel, on the other side of the mirror, the dazzle returns to the darkness what makes it glitter.
The outcome takes back the proposition of Jean Cocteau where Orpheus collides with his own image but it will especially be the one of feelings that each one will have crossed in his intimacy.

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