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Chrono Trigger: Boss 18 (Giga Gaia)

7 years ago64 views



His eyes...creeps me out...To start, you are going to be attacked twice before you get a chance to do anything. Then you'll want to take out BOTH Arms as soon as possible. The best attack for this is Crono and Ayla's Falcon Strike. It will hit each arm for around 1000 damage. Just two of these will take 'em out! After that, you would want to use your most powerful Techs to destroy him. For my party, Chrono use Cleave and have Ayla and Marle use Ice Toss (or Iceberg toss if your at a high level). It is possible to only get hit twice in the battle since Giga Gaia can't attack without his arms and since Falcon Strike takes his two arms down in one turn, an easy victory.