Straight Talk can keep $50 in your pocket - no joke

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If the average cell phone plan for 1,000 minutes and texts costs over $80 a month, shouldn't there be a better option? Walmart's Straight Talk line has the better option for $50 less a month. You get the same 1,000 minutes, texts, and 30 MG of web surfing, but you keep more money rather than spend. All of this without the contract hassle, but the benefits of a great network. It's worth a look.


Straight Talk has is so accommodating that they even let my husband keep his old cell phone no. from when he was last on contract when he joined Straight Talk's unlimited $45 plan. That's a big plus because he runs his own business and a lot of his clients have his no. and he doesn't want to loose any clients if his no. were to change.
By beaufulseagul 4 years ago
Can I just use the cellphone that I already have now or do I have to go and actually buy a straight talk phone in order to receive the 45 dollar unlimited plan?
By gentleygiantly 4 years ago
super deals from straight talk. i have the unlimited plan for $45 a month and could not be more happy. all my needs are covered with their unlimited prepaid plan. i used to be on contract, and can not believe how much money i could have saved if only i would have switched over to prepaid earlier. well, better late than never i say. happy frequent prepaid cellphone user now
By barbara hembry 4 years ago
ilovelamp - You are so right! The customer service with Straight Talk is very easy to reach and helpful. Although, I haven't had any problems with the phone, I have only had to deal with them to get it set up. Beyond the helpful customer service, Straight Talk is really just an awesome deal! Where else are you going to find a plan that offers you unlimited minutes, texting and internet for only $45 a month??
By parthanon 4 years ago
Keeping 50 bucks in your pocket every month is just one of the gr eat things about straight talk. I was really dealing with a dropped calls problem with my last company and I was fed up with their ridiculous customer service. Now. I really really feel like not only is the service SOOO much better ( on verizon coverage) The customer service has been so easy to get in touch with and they are just so friendly. I personally use the 45 dollars unlimited data, texting, talk, and 411. They have other deals that are just as good as well. Whichever you choose... they will help you pick the best plan.
By Ilovelamp16 4 years ago
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