Josie & John James Play Catch -- Part One


by james32_

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They are so checking each other out re - Sunshine and Nathan. The love connection between them is starting already!
By xxDaxxwn 5 years ago
John really did describe his relationship with Josie, coincidence... You can see that their relationships is going to develop and we know because John told us the future and we witnessed it.
Loving the Video, more videos of their relationship would be good to see if you have any more :)
By Shanz1995 5 years ago
Love the fishing for information, you can tell that the relationship is going to develop :) The thing she is going to tell him when they get out of the house is about the stuff that Govan discussed with her relating to his sexuality. Thanks for the clips, love them and it helps with the lack of 24/7 live feed of the John and Josie show :)) xx
By janpirret 5 years ago
i wonder what it was that she was gunna tell him? but not untill the outside world... and idears anyonE?
By emilybabe12 5 years ago
omg from 8.30 he basically describes what happens in their relationship
By lianne1292 5 years ago
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