Bread Prices Spur Mozambique Riots

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Soaring bread prices in Mozambique spur riots -- some of which turn deadly.

For a second day residents loot shops, and block roads with burning tyres in the capital Maputo.

On Wednesday police opened fire on protesters, but accurate numbers of the causalties are difficult to come by.

Officially police say four people have been killed, including two children.

But private television STv puts the death toll at 10, with about 140 people arrested and 27 seriously injured.

Police admitted using live ammunition in some areas after officers ran out of rubber bullets.

The deaths come after a 30 percent hike in bread prices - a tough increase for residents in one of Africa's poorest countries.

President Armando Guebuza has condemned the violence, and said the government is making headway in reforming basic services.

Authorities are also trying to find the source of text messages and emails sent out urging people to protest.

Those who've taken up the call are part of the worst rioting Mozambique has seen since 2008.

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