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    BB's Nikki is a little confused about Nadia


    by ODN

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    It seems the Ultimate Big Brother house may be proving a confusing place for some of the contestants.

    Nikki Grahame may be 28, but perhaps a little refresher course in the birds and the bees wouldn't go amiss.

    Nikki's confusion arose during a conversation with Brian Dowling about fellow contestant Nadia Almada's slightly moody behaviour.

    Nadia was born a boy, but had a much talked about sex-change operation before winning the fifth series of Big Brother in 2004.

    Despite overwhelming anatomical evidence to the contrary, Nikki's explanation for Nadia's moodiness was simple: "Maybe Nadia is on her period?"

    Ever the diplomat, former airline steward Brian left a pregnant pause before replying: "Yeah... unlikely, but maybe."