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    3PW: United We Stand, Divided We Brawl

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    Philadelphia-based wrestling promotion Pro-Pain Pro Wrestling, 3PW for short, formed itself from the ashes of the legendary Extreme Championship Wrestling promotion that would more-or-less establish the conventions of the modern wrestling industry. Through innovative, often more adult-oriented storylines and frequently quite violent and brutal matches, ECW would take wrestling from being geared strictly towards younger audiences and make it into the "soap operas for men" that pro wrestling often ends up becoming today.

    3PW emerged following ECW's bankruptcy and would employ many former ECW stars in its roster while also introducing new talents to the wrestling business. While 3PW would utilize many of the same elements that had made ECW successful during its run in the late 1990s, these factors never really seemed to gel in 3PW mainly due to solid story development. Since 3PW never had a weekly TV show to build up its matches, the contests often come across as incidental and irrelevant. While some matches sanctioned under the promotion were quite good and the promotion did bring several standout young stars to the forefront of the business, 3PW never found its audience and by 2005 had folded due to its own financial problems.

    United We Stand, Divided We Brawl contains a full show taken from early 2004. Recorded in a less than packed New Alhambra Arena in South Philadelphia, PA, the event is indicative of the type of action one would find during the average 3PW show. The matches are generally mediocre at best, with several poorly booked contests that are a complete waste of time. There are appearances by some notable wrestlers, but the event builds to a lackluster main event and features forgettable opening bouts.