Archaeologists in Peru uncover ancient royals


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Archaeologists in Peru have discovered a burial site from an ancient civilisation that predates the Incas and would have been in existence near the time of Christ.

They have found the remains of three ancient elites believed to have died more than 1,600 years ago in northern Peru, ITN News reported.

Archaeologist and director of the museum of the royal tombs of Sipan, Walter Alva explained what they unearthed:

"There are three coffins made of cane. The first belongs to an adolescent 13-years-old, more or less. The second person appears to be a woman as far as we can see. And the third person, whom we have yet to touch, we can see is in a coffin covered in copper and golden copper."

The three are thought to belong to the Mochica community which ruled the northern coast of Peru from the time of Christ to the eighth century A.D.

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