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    Pakistan Flood Victims Head Home


    by NTDTelevision

    Elsewhere in Pakistan, residents began to head back to their hometowns, even though some villages are still over 3 feet deep in water.

    Going home -- residents in Pakistan's Sindh Province are making the long journey back as flood waters start to recede.

    Houses and belongings washed away as neck-deep water submerged their towns within hours -- lasting two weeks.

    Those returning without a ride -- walk -- with little chance of finding shelter along the way.

    As the water rose, some stayed behind to guard against looters.

    10 days of meager rations led to reports of those returning being held up at gunpoint.

    One survivor who guarded his house survived on biscuits alone.

    "We have nothing to eat. We just sit here and wait. Sometimes we get food, sometimes not. Even when it comes it is a small amount in a small bag. We are sitting under the hot sun. If we have a few rupees we get biscuits and try to survive on that."

    Many mud houses dissolved in the torrent -- those remaining, need immediate repair.

    As the problems mount, residents say the government is nowhere to be found.

    "No rescue staff, no government official has come here. You can see our situation for yourself, yet no one has come to ask about us, about our children, about our homes, about what happened to us. All those who can, are getting out of here on their own."

    Heavy monsoon rain led to the flooding, that covered a fifth of the country -- killing an estimated 1,600 and leaving over 6 million people homeless.

    Aid agencies now fear disease, food shortages, and malnutrition may create a new crisis as many people return to their homes.