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    Myo Thein on BBC Burmese 70th Anniversary

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    2nd September 2010 is the 70th Anniversary of BBC Burmese Service Broadcasting and Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)'s Director Myo Thein shares the knowledge of Burma crisis and congratulate the BBC Burmese service for its dedicated neutral, impartial and up to the last mintue reporting.

    Myo Thein said "As the democratic activist who vale and respect democratic principles, I agree to disagree. I also value the media's impartiality since in Burma current military regime as well as its pre-successor use the media as the propaganda tools. So for us we have to rely on independent media like BBC Burmese to have the reliable information".

    Regarding about the junta planned 2010 election Myo Thein said "There will be no single democratic genuine change coming out from junta's planned 2010 election. Before we possibly address the 2010 election, we have to look at the 2008 constitution.

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