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    Cove star's petition against dolphin hunt in Japan


    by ODN


    Police warned him he could face violence, but even that wasn't enough to keep Richard O'Barry from protesting the start of annual dolphin hunting in Japan.

    The star of Oscar winning documentary The Cove travelled to Tokyo along with many other supporters from around the world. Whilst there he handed over a petition to the US embassy with 1.7 million signatures, demanding an end to the hunt. But the group also want to provide the community with other options.

    "We want to support the economy in Taiji, and create alternatives. Tourism, for example, could be a way to replace dolphin hunting, and we want to help them do that," said O'Barry.

    The US activist has become public enemy number one in some circles in Japan following acclaimed film The Cove, which dealt with the controversial issue.

    "I feel like I'm walking around with a target on my shirt. So I really can't walk around, move around like I could last time I was here. But I must say, I have to thank the right-wing element because if it wasn't for them, "The Cove" movie would not be popular in Tokyo. They made it popular," said O'Barry.