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    ***Simple song in the wind***of Courlicoucou


    par Atalozur

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    Humble version de cette compo de Courlicoucou originale en francais ici
    que j'ai adapté en Anglais mais dans le plus grand doute de la traduction avec un accent a faire palir un saule pleureur ou a faire deployer un ouragan !!!!!!!!

    We come not from the same country
    We have no same lives
    We have each the happiness
    His cross, its laughter and his tears

    We have no same history
    In spite of that we want to persuade us
    And we lose not our time
    To want to become bigger

    But beyond our differences
    We know that we are lucky
    To grant the same importance
    In our childhood memories.

    We have no same color
    We have no same fears
    We have each the reconfort
    Which makes us stronger

    We have no same doubts
    We do not follow the same road
    We have each the fate
    Who holds us by the hand

    But in spite of intemperies
    We are here today
    And why not us to find also
    A day in the same paradise

    We come not from the same country
    We have each our life
    We have no same history
    Who revolves in our reports

    We are not on the same boat
    We navigate the same waters
    We pursue not the same purpose
    In these torrents which play up us

    But in spite of the whims of time
    There will be always a moment
    Or we shall meet finally
    All together humming

    A simple song in the wind...
    A simple song in the wind