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    Twisted Exorcism star generates Oscar buzz


    by ODN


    It may be her first major role in a feature film, but Ashley Bell, star of horror The Last Exorcism, is already being tipped for an Oscar.

    The 24-year-old actress gives an unexpectedly physical performance as troubled teen Nell, as she struggles with what appears to be demonic possession.

    Her eerie contortionism, in particular the 'back bend', has become the signature image of the film, appearing in the trailers and on the poster.

    Bell, who is double-jointed, came up with the physical moves herself, and the director was more than happy to write them into the film.

    Her co-stars say it was easy to act scared in scenes with Bell, as they were genuinely "freaked out".

    Physicality aside, Bell's performance has been praised by critics, drawing inevitable comparisons to Linda Blair's Oscar-nominated performance in The Exorcist.