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    Harvest of Health - Bishop Rick Thomas

    Rick Thomas

    by Rick Thomas

    Declare: As I pray and sow the seed of healing for another, I will reap a harvest of health for myself. Father I thank you right now as I prepare to sow my seed, I ask You to search my heart. I examine myself as to whether or not I am in the faith; I am living righteously before you; Father God I confess my failures and my faults and I know that you are a forgiving God; I know that because of that I am now a candidate for everything that comes from the covenant flow; that I am a candidate for every blessing that You’ve spoken to me and that there is nothing in my life that will separate me from you. Today, Father, I thank you that I will receive my miracle of healing in the Name of Jesus and Father a s I sow my seed, I declare covenant is in place and I declare the power of the Kingdom is released.