Floyd Mayweather Going in on Manny Pacquiao

george taylor

by george taylor

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And you've been running from that "midget" for how many years now? Put yourself in a ring with Manny and see how soon he shuts your mouth
By robgivens4 years ago
As soon as manny kicks your ass, he's gonna make you pick him some cotton to help you stop the bleeding!
By siquedude5 years ago
hey Mayweather, you dumb nig!
Yes thats right I called you a dumb nig, sushi and teppan kaki is not Philippine stupid ass. If you make so much go educate yourself so you do not sound so freaking dumb, BTW I will kick your sorry ass pussy ass NIGGER!
By DumNig5 years ago
It's ok that the term "nigger" is used and that chicken and koolaid is mentioned because it's said in jest and we can say we didn't mean it...just like Mayweather. Then we can just apologize and say we have black friends. Fuck that monkey...I'm sorry but it's ok and I have black friends. LOL.
By pussyweatherisabitch5 years ago
Super gay weather is a racist too. I pity coward, for living .
By chunky1x5 years ago
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