Juliana episode 97 english subs


by toygerms

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UPDATE: This is the only website that has a working version piep.net/1LFO
UPDATE: full episode is on this link http://tinurl.eu/b5cdde8894
I must be the only person that loves Dani! I think she had two motives here: (1). she wanted Mariana to see that she deserves MORE than being a third party in this ridiculous polyamorous relationship, and (2), she wanted Julia to really come to terms with her love for Mariana and see that she is only with Armando b/c he's "familiar" to her. Julia loves him, but she's not in love with him. Her heart has always been with Mariana and it took for them to partake in this "orgy" for her to truly see that!
By SILLast year
hey thanks for the vid the dynamics of the poly relationship started changing around the time mariana dad left. julia and her were getting more affectionate, armando seemed to be on the outside of it. their new project teaching they were totally loved up with armando out of town there is no distraction julia having her dreams and expressing her love for mariana armando is back and notices the change and he is jealous so having dani in the mix all flirtatious has put a spring back in his step.dani is shamelessly flirting with armando and mariana and julia is having none of it so she comes out fighting the only way she knows how too..her reply to what happen that night was that she julia didn't like anyone messing with what is hers and that was directed at mariana, armando wasn't a part of that. dani on the other hand can't take a hint she like a bad smell that you can't get ride of
By hstjohn4 years ago
what is the name of song at 1:15?
By neon_black4 years ago
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