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    New video from trapped Chilean miners


    by ODN


    A new video of 33 miners trapped underground in Chile shows they are in good health and spirits.

    The men filmed themselves listening to music and sending messages to their relatives as they received supplies of food and water.

    Health officials have sent them high-protein, high-calorie foods in narrow plastic tubes to help them build up their strength after losing an estimated 22 lb (10 kg) each during the 17 days they spent entombed after a cave-in before being found alive.

    Rescuers have also sent them miniature projectors so they can watch video clips of soccer greats Pele and Maradona, and have also sent cards, dominoes and letters from their family members.

    Rescuers have started drilling a 2ft (66cm) diameter shaft that will be used to evacuate the miners one at a time in a cage attached to a pulley.

    Miner Victor Segovia thanked the rescue teams for their work, saying: "Greetings to everyone out there. Many thanks for all your effort and for working 24/7. We are very grateful to you and we will have the patience to wait until you rescue us."