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    Sotheby’s To Hold Hong Kong Autumn Sale


    by NTDTelevision

    Sotheby’s reveals ancient Chinese ceramics, works of art and a flawless blue diamond in their upcoming Autumn Sale in Hong Kong. The auction is poised to break world records.

    Chinese collectors are showing an appetite for classical Chinese art, jewels and ceramics, as auction house Sotheby's revealed the line-up of its Hong Kong autumn sale on Tuesday. It’s expected to make more than $205 million dollars.

    Masterpieces of Qing Imperial porcelain as well as collections of modern Chinese ink paintings and contemporary Chinese art will go on the block from October 2nd through to the 8th.

    [Nicolas Chow, Sotheby’s International Head of Chinese Ceramics and Art]:
    "And pieces we're offering this time comprise eight vases, enameled during the Qianlong period, during the peak of porcelain production during the Qing dynasty. The most important vase is a Fangcai vase, a vase that was fired white in JingDezhen, Jiangxi province, and enameled in the forbidden city in the imperial workshops under strict and the direct supervision of emperor Qianlong."

    During Sotheby’s last spring auction, a rare, flawless blue diamond that was once part of the legendary De Beers Millennium Collection was sold for $6.4 million, falling just short of the 2009 record.

    Chow is expecting a record-breaking auction in Hong Kong.

    [Nicolas Chow, Sotheby’s International Head of Chinese Ceramics and Art]:
    "I would expect actually the sales series would definitely break world record, whether we will achieve a record for a seal or vase in this very, very boiling market right now is difficult to tell, very possible, but let's not jinx it.”

    Last season, the overall auction raised $52.4 million, a figure Sotheby's said was the highest total ever for a sale of this category.

    The location where the auction was held probably helped: China is one of the world's largest and fastest growing diamond markets, with jewelers forecasting it will be the next big purchaser of rare jewels.