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    BlackBerry Agrees Offers Data Access to Indian Gov.


    by NTDTelevision

    BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to give the Indian government access to encrypted data. The Indian government requires all communication through telecom networks be accessible to law enforcement agencies.

    In an attempt to avoid a ban on services, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has agreed to give the Indian government access to encrypted data, taking effect on September 1st.

    The decision was made at a meeting chaired by India's federal Home Secretary with representatives of security agencies and the Telecommunication Department of India.

    [Onkar Kedia, Spokesperson, Home Ministry]:
    "RIM (Research In Motion) have made certain proposals for lawful access by law enforcement agencies and these would be operational immediately. The feasibility of the solutions offered would be assessed thereafter. It was also decided that the Department of Telecommunications would study the feasibility of all such services being provided through a server located only in India."

    India says it wants full access to BlackBerry's secure email and instant messaging services.

    Officials fear militants will use BlackBerry devices to organize attacks, leading to political instability.

    India has made clear that any communication through telecom networks should be accessible to law enforcement agencies and that all service providers comply with this.

    Indian officials have also expressed concerns over security threats emerging from Internet-based messaging services from providers such as Google and Skype.