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    BB11. Day 24. JJJ chatting by pool


    by princesssparkle

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    josiejjfan check out these videos
    By josiejjfan5 years ago
    @lozzylozzy123 - aww thanks soooo much- found the combine harvester clip and love it!! They were so cute together right from the start- its def real :)
    By bluebell_105 years ago
    @bluebell_10 and @debz2010 the combine harvester clip is on here - And Their first argument in 3 parts is here - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - :)
    By lozzylozzy1235 years ago
    It is clear that John James and Josie had a connection very early on and could talk about anything.They both learned things from one another.She calmed him down and brought out the best of him,he made her confidence soar.He looks absolutely gorgeous here.Funny how he lost weight and Josie gained it.Thrilled to bits they fell in love and are now a couple.
    By xxDaxxwn5 years ago
    thanks for clips ... can anyone post the one of them in diary room singing the combine harvester song, when john's wearing the brizzle t-shirt? would love to see that if possible pleeeeeease!! :)
    By bluebell_105 years ago
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