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    Rare White Tiger Cub Changes Color in India


    by NTDTelevision

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    One of three white tigers born in a zoo in India's southern Tamil Nadu state appears to be loosing his stripes. The cub was white in color at birth, but has quite a different look now.

    A white tiger cub born at a zoo in India seems to have changed its color.

    Since birth the tiger cub has been kept in a dark enclosure and now most of its body and legs appear black.

    The cub, along with its two siblings and mother, were brought out into the open area of the zoo for public viewing on Sunday.

    The zoo's director says the color of the cub might be due to genetic reasons.

    Visitors to the zoo were excited to see the rare cub.

    [Syed Ibrahim, Visitor]:
    "I am really delighted to watch it, and it has three cubs and one cub is really looking different. It has a pink coating on it; looks like some biological change, it seems, and it's really beautiful. I am really excited to watch it."

    [Shirley D'Silva, Visitor]:
    "We are very happy to see the cubs roaming around and playing with their mother. This made my grandchildren extremely happy."

    The three cubs were born in June, and are active, healthy and playful.

    The color-changing cub is now the main attraction for visitors.