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    Birther - Obama Zanzibar Born Anthony J Hilder


    by anthonyjhilder

    Obama Zanzibar Baby – Anthony J Hilder

    Obama Banksters Boy … being released soon

    Free World Film Works

    Here is testimony from Mark Seidenberg, Investigate Journalist, says that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii...he was born on Mombasa Island a part of Zanzibar a British protectorate.

    CIA the enforcement arm of the CFR; connections with Obama; Obama picked by International Bankers to do their bidding; Wayne Madsen a contributor to ABC, NBC, Fox News; Glen Beck of Fox part of NeoKnazi group Trotskyites; sexual misconduct; International Bankster Group; Obama follower of Saul Alinsky (Rules For Radicals), Satanic?

    Should It Make A Difference......You Decide.