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    Terra Fossil National Spokesperson Casting: Assignment 1


    Tip 1: BE ORIGINAL! Show us your style.
    Tip 2: Incorporate some or all of the wine fact sheet!
    Tip 3: Make it less than 2 minutes, but more than 1 minute in length.
    Tip 5: Accumulate as many views/votes on your video!

    Be sure to upload your video on Youtube, and post as a video response to THIS VIDEO! Then post (embed) your video on your profile.

    Are you an outgoing, intriguing, well spoken, competitive person who would make the perfect national spokesperson for Terra Fossil Wines? Are you up for anything and everything? Are you ready to be challenged to create a series of audition tapes that will show your enthusiasm, energy and skills as an authentic spokesperson? Are you willing to compete for an all expense paid trip to our vineyards in either Spain, Argentina or Italy? Can you meet the challenges we present to become a cast member on the Terra Fossil Reality TV Show? If you can answer YES to these questions, you just might be the spokesperson we are looking for.

    Over the next month we will be asking you to create video auditions that show you as aggressive and ambitious; but not yet... your first challenge is to get our attention- please respond and tell us, in no less than 1 paragraphs, WHY you are a great choice as spokesperson for Terra Fossil Wines!! INCLUDE ALL OF YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION!

    If you are not a contestant on or would like more information on how to participate in the Terra Fossil National Spokesperson Casting Campaign, please contact us at or or head on over to and check us out!