Puppy Throwing Monster Drowns Puppies in River


by seamusm

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In an ultimate act of cruelty, an unknown girl throws tiny puppies into the river to drown. Do not watch if you are squeamish.


why just why give them to a shelter i whould have took them just why
By Elizabeth B July
The video is genuine, but the girl was tracked down and identified several years ago. The incident, which took place in Bosnia in 2010, was investigated by Bosnian Police at the time. The identity of the girl, who was a juvenile, has never been made public and she was never charged because of her age. The puppies were reportedly saved by a woman downstream, although an animal rights group disputed that claim. Nevertheless, the continued forwarding of the video is pointless and inappropriate.
By 'WayNe Usher Last year
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By Kerin Nunez 2 years ago
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By Hayden Mccarthy 3 years ago
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By yzfdemon 4 years ago
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