The Search for Eternal Youth in Israel

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And it seems the search for eternal youth is alive and well in Israel, as the country sees a rise in cosmetic surgery. Our correspondent finds out why.

In a society flooded with youthful advertising, it's not so surprising that being young is "in." And for some in Israel, cosmetic surgery has become an increasingly common trend.

[Dr. Dan Regev, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Expert]: (Male, Hebrew)
"The twentieth century actually paved the way to worshipping the young and the beautiful; the value and respect shown to the elderly in the traditional family, who had more experience and were respected, suddenly shifted to the young. Once that respect was given to young people, everyone began seeing youth as an axis around which the world turns, making the whole world want to reach that age and stay there as long as possible."

But is this desire for eternal youth really a denial of our own age? Some would say yes, others say it's natural.

[Tova EnglArd, Executive Director]: (Female, Hebrew)
"In principle, every woman, no matter where in the world she is, wants to look better and keep her appearance youthful and fresh looking. She will try to fight old age as much as possible."

But experts say cosmetic surgery is definitely not for everyone.


Genetics can play an important role in a person looking younger at an advanced age, but this can also be achieved with new skin treatment technology.


And the goal is to stay young.

[Ruth Doron, Relationships Consultant and Sexologist]: (Female, Hebrew)
"I was always used to seeing a beautiful woman in the mirror. Suddenly I looked at the mirror and saw a beautiful woman, yet the facial appearance did not match how I feel in my heart."

Probably a desire to remain youthful looking will employ many more women and men in the future.

Reporter: Janet Zrian

NTD, Israel

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