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    Ghinzu - Cold Love (Mirror Mirror)


    par GhinzuTV

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    amaury thuileaux
    TROP CLASS !!!!
    Par amaury thuileauxIl y a 5 ans
    Matei Mancas
    The clip price was of 10000 €. It is a low-cost price for such effects. The artist who did it is François Jacques from Mons, Belgium and the technology is also from Mons (University of Mons). You can search for "numediart ghinzu".
    Par Matei MancasIl y a 5 ans
    You guys are funny. The "100 millions $" thing is obviously a joke. For a comparison, James Cameron's Avatar cost 500 millions $...
    Par Binoclard4Il y a 6 ans
    Really? 100 Million? some one got suckered. Ok song but seriously nothing about that made me think it would take so long on any computer. maybe I'm mistaken but it looked like it could have been made alot cheaper.
    Par damocles74Il y a 6 ans
    vous etes des ouf lol, c'est du grand n importe quoi en éffét.
    l'état du monde et l'oeuvre du n'importe quoi malheureusement.
    Par abdel_maalekIl y a 6 ans
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