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    Haulin Hooks exercises and Why Buy


    by HypertrophyLLC

    Why should you buy Haulin' Hooks? This quick video clip will tell you! We are the leading manufacturer of weightlifting hooks / straps, the only manufacturer that own a patent, not just one but (3) used on most of our models. For Bodybuilders, Powerlifters, lady figure contestants, athletes, anyone who incorporates weight traing into there regiment. For a complete line of Innovative fitness accessories check us out at for more information on our entire line of products including, Haulin' Hooks, E-Z Dip dumbbell dipping belt system, Delt-Belt Upright Row multi-use strap, Rip-Cords High performance pull tools, Tri-Bells for Triceps, Super-Straps, and the all new Lat Bar Pull Down system.